Wagamama, Boston, Massachusetts

Coconut Ice Cream with Toasted CoconutChocolate Cake with Yellow Plum LayersYasai Yaki SobaGrilled AsparagusVegetable Dumplings-Yasai Gyoza

Another excellent restaurant, Wagamama deserved two trips in the three days I was in Boston. The concept of the restaurant is simple and well thought out. There are coat racks at the door. There are shelves under the tables for storing purses and umbrellas. Tables are long and can seat individuals that come as a group or who didn't know each other at all before entering the restaurant. Menus have vegetarian dishes with a "v" in contrasting color. This is a positive, easy to recognize feature.

Food is served to the customer as soon as it is ready in the kitchen to ensure the items are freshest. This is why it's best to order foods that you can share--so one individual does not feel left out. The first dish was 5 steamed/grilled vegetable dumplings. They can be hard to eat and cut with chopsticks, but are well worth it. Normally, when there is an odd number of something, I give Paul the extra. That wasn't the case with the dumplings. I required them to be split exactly evenly.

Dish two was a wheat noodle plate with a variety of vegetables including butternut squash. Flavors came from onions, garlic, green and red peppers, pickled red ginger, and cilantro vinegar.

The third dish could have classified as an appetizer. We ordered the grilled asparagus with an oregano, thyme and ginger marinade. It was served with a chili garlic and soy sauce dip. I could not believe the size of the asparagus--larger than you find in a can or at our grocery store! Again, hard to eat with chopsticks, but enjoyable.

We don't often order dessert, but figured if the rest of the food was so good, we couldn't have bad luck. Paul chose coconut ice cream with mango sauce, and I chose a chocolate cake with plum filling. Both were exceptional. The coconut tasted completely natural and the chocolate layers of the cake were not too sweet for the plum.

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