Sobik's Subs-Apopka, Florida

Perhaps this post will talk Paul into getting me a camera for my birthday. I had expected to be done at work before lunch time, but had a surprise patient. At noon I ran out to scavenge for a lunch as I have been sick for a week and my stomach was finally getting its gumption back. All I passed as I drove a couple block radius (too afraid to drive far as I have a bad sense of direction) was a Sobik's Subs. It has been about 4 years since I have been to one and thought I would visit in the spirit of trial for ELAR. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera to take a picture of my meal.

As I entered the restaurant, two smiling ladies were working at the counter, one of them more flushed with the heat of an oven and deep fryer.

The inside of the restaurant struck me as a large, older restaurant with Z88.3 Christian music coming out of the speakers. (That's quite refreshing.) The menus were crowded and difficult to read, the bread options were white or wheat (I chose wheat), and the counter was higher than me so I could not see my sandwich until the surprise finish. I was a bit amused by the sandwich as I unwrapped it back at the office. It was so full of beautiful vegetables that my mouth couldn't fit around the Dagwood-sized frame. The "Sobik's Dressing," a mix of oil and vinegar with seasonings similar to Italian Salad Dressing. I also ordered a smoothie. And to my surprise, the lady without the pink cheeks pulled a milk carton labeled "Strawberry" out of the fridge and poured it into a blender with ice. I was amused by the preparations of the drink, but was happy that it tasted reasonably good. The selling point was the claim that it was "all natural".

The "regular" or "small" or "6 inch" sandwich, drink, and grab-bag of Cool Ranch Doritos brought my grand total to just over $10. I choked. Now I know why I always bring my lunch to work. Meals like this could put us in debt! This made me very glad when Paul forgets his brown bag. There are more options around the hospital, and the hospital gives discounts to employees at the cafeterias.

I ate my lunch happily because my stomach was giggling with sustenance. My only complaints were that the bread was really dry, so dry that the sandwich fell apart when I picked it up, and that my smoothie melted to quickly in the middle of the Florida sun. (Yes, even in January, the sun can melt an ice cream cone in minutes.)

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