Jamba Juice-Seattle, Washington

Jamba JuiceStrawberry and Mango smoothiesJeremy at Jamba Juice

On Wednesday night, we had a few minutes to waste between our Trader Joe's shopping trip and Jeremy's music class. Leann suggested we stop and get a smoothie at Jamba Juice. We were all for it as Orlando just doesn't have anything quite like it. Jamba Juice wisely offers a nice menu selection ranging from no sugar to sugar in the form of chocolate. Paul and Leann had a naturally sweet mango smoothie. I had a pineapple strawberry and frozen yogurt smoothie. We ordered the small size, and as you can see from the photo, the cups were very full--so full that my drink kept leaking on me. But, it was very good and not overly sweetened. The only thing I find comparable in Florida is when I make smoothies at home.

A big selling point for Jamba Juice that keeps Leann and Jeremy coming back is that a small smoothie can be divided into two smaller cups. They cut the straw in half, and Jeremy gets his own kid-sized smoothie.

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