Wish More Places Would Model This Food Source

Columbus Circle Whole Foods

Looking back through pictures, it's time I put some more focus on our fabulous trip to New York City at the beginning of December. We walked around town on Saturday Night and were absolutely amazed by the crowds running around. Police were managing intersections, even some with lights, to make sure the crowds and cars moved smoothly. I have nothing to compare it to to know if it was a success or not.

Columbus Circle has a brilliant setup. How come more people don't have grocery stores inside shopping malls? We played around in a few stores and then headed underground to the Whole Foods for dinner. The Whole Foods in Columbus Circle is significantly different than the ones in Orlando. We enjoyed browsing, but knew we couldn't take much home with us. As cold as it was, soup sounded tempting, but there weren't any vegetarian varieties. Paul took the picture of the vegetarian salad bar before we got the finger-shake that says "No Photo." We ended up heading around to the tables--also an ingenious move. (Buy a pre-made dinner at the grocery store in the mall for your lunch, head over to the free microwave, heat it, and eat it at the tables provided. Who needs a Food Court?) After the checkout is a Jamba Juice. We ordered smoothies, which we think are a luxury because there isn't any such thing in Orlando. Of course, I'm sure it can be healthier depending on what you order to make the drink in your own home.

If you're traveling in New York and are on a budget--or even live there on a budget--consider this dining move. I guarantee you it is cheaper and can be as fun as dining at a full-service restaurant. It all depends on the experience you want.

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