What do you do when an adult doesn't want to eat his/her veggies?

Carrot Peeler

One day just a week before my early maternity leave started, the girls in one of my offices and I were talking about the new best selling diet book The Full Plate Diet. I happened to mention that carrots were listed as one of the top 5 vegetables with the highest fiber content. One of the girls said she hated carrots and asked how she could squeeze more carrots into her diet. I thought such questions warranted a blog post of their own. Now, I'm no nutritionist, but I'm a pretty picky carrot eater myself. So, I've learned to be creative in getting them into my mouth because I know they're good for me.

  • Hide the carrots completely so you don't know they are there. For example, cook carrots, onions, celery, etc. down as you would making a broth. Then instead of removing the vegetables after the flavor has been extracted, run the whole thing through the blender for a chunkier and creamier soup, but with all the goodness practically hidden. Use this concept for adding more items like sweet potatoes, which are also exceptionally healthy. Just replace some or all of the white potatoes required in the recipe with sweet potatoes.
  • Buy smaller quantities of carrots because when they lose their freshness, all bets are off trying to convince yourself to eat them. Also, I recommend skipping baby carrots. I always thought they tasted funny, and when Paul found out they were "reject carrots," and not actually grown tiny, he quit buying them.
  • Experiment with different ways of cutting up the carrots. Try julienned or shredded carrots. They may actually be more fun to eat. Also, cut sticks long and thin instead of short and stubby
  • Experiment with different dips. Choose a different salad dressing than the standard buttermilk ranch. Or better yet, change to a really healthy option by dipping them in hummus.
  • Find out if you like your carrots salty or sweet. They are a great vegetable for offering much variety. Using sweet potatoes again as an example: I hated sweet potatoes all my life. Finally I realized my family served them covered in brown sugar and cinnamon. However, when I tried them at a restaurant seasoned with salt and dipped in a spicy ketchup, I was hooked. I like my sweet potatoes salty, and only salty. So, if you find you like carrots that are salty, make chow mein. If you like sweet carrots, consider a carrot and orange salad or even carrot cake (homemade with less sugar and more carrots is recommended).

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