Abbott's Frozen Custard on the Campus of RIT

Abbott's Frozen Custard

Paul and I are both Tigers. The Tiger with the brown jersey is from Paul's Rochester Institute of Technology. My Tiger with Purple-and-Gold is from Louisiana State University. Sure wish we still had some of those cute little outfits from my childhood to dress Nora in.

Anyway, there's a nice new-since-Paul shopping plaza on the campus of RIT. And the sweet shop is an Abbott's. We were treated to dessert there by Paul's former classmate, Mimi. We enjoyed the custard, but most of all, we really enjoyed the company.

Abbott's keeps it simple. Chocolate or vanilla or chocolate or vanilla with almonds. Paul and I loved the almonds mixed in. I had vanilla, and he had chocolate. But of course, we traded back and forth. The cone wasn't much to speak of, but the custard was just fine. What a nice little Rochester experience.

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