Kale and White Beans


While my kale was in great shape even after I bagged it for a week, I cooked it instead of serving it fresh and raw. I sauteed it with onions and stirred in the beans. Since I'd never cooked it before, Paul thought it might not have been cooked completely. But it didn't hurt the flavor. We ate on leftovers a couple more days. It truly was very healthy and very simple to prepare. Even simpler if you just open a can of beans instead of making your own. It needs no accompaniment, but since I had just taken out a loaf of bread, we had that too.

Since I researched different sources before embarking on this cooking adventure, I don't have a recipe of my own. Instead I suggest you try out this very similar recipe. This is a great vegan and gluten-free dish. Remember, you can easily turn this recipe into soup in the winter by adding more bean cooking liquid, a good broth, or canned bean liquid mixed with water.

This was one of our August new veggies! So excited to have tried something on my list.