Thanksgiving Pre-Week Checklist

It's rather cold in Orlando this morning. This means the realization of Thanksgiving being just two weeks away is upon us. I have a list of kitchen-associate projects that I'll be dealing with next week in preparation for guests. I'm adding it in here for those it might help get a handle on the activities as well. I'm also posting it today instead of Monday because those who work might want to get a jump start this weekend.

Thanksgiving Week Food Prep

  • Make sure there are enough dishtowels for drying what can't fit in the dishwasher. Also, hide the embarrassing, ratty ones.
  • Eat meals from the fridge and freezer to make room for the food that's coming in.
  • Make Thankgiving Week's grocery list.
  • Go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving Week.
  • Mix dry ingredients for certain dishes, like biscuits. Label and store.
  • Rub olive oil into wood cooking utensils to prepare them for a busy week.

Thanksgiving Day Food Prep

  • Plan special table game for after eating.
  • Finalize guest list
  • Do a dry-run of the table setting.
  • Make Day's menu and list any that can be made ahead.
  • Pack picnic breakfast for Turkey Trot race.

Kitchen Cleaning Preparation Plans

  • Make sure to have enough disposable wipes. It will make it easier for others to help clean. These can be store-bought or homemade using old T-shirts.
  • Make sure there are enough vacuum bags and Swiffer wipes for quick cleaning.
  • Do a quick wipe-down of cabinet fronts so they start out looking nice.


Just so you know my world doesn't completely revolve around my kitchen.

  • Wrap Dad's birthday present for the 26th.
  • Collect Pack-and-play and fold-a-way bed from parents.
  • Store Fold-a-way, pillow, blankets, sheets in downstairs closet (which might also mean cleaning out downstairs closet.)

That's my list. If you know of a helpful hint or a do-ahead activity to make the holiday easier, please feel free to add it below.