A Minor Interruption

Coliseum in Rome

I have enough ego in me to hope that readers of Eat Like a Rabbit have noticed a sharp decline in blogging over the last week. I fear this decline will continue at least another week. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and naturally appreciate all your patience.

You see, we have a baby rabbit coming along in early February. It seems that the baby rabbit would rather make me. . .sick. . .than allow me to function at my normal speed and appetite. All of this will make for some very interesting blogging just as soon as I can think of foods other than strawberries, peaches, and bran flakes without running down the hall.

Until then, Paul has been master of the kitchen and is doing a fine job of making and eating 4-5 meals a day. I am able to join him, but with significantly smaller portions. He is also enjoying creating his own menus.

Photographer Garrett Nudd Photographs His Dinner

This weekend Paul requested Garrett to make his famous guacamole, which was great because Garrett always feels like I work so hard cooking for him when he comes to visit. I promised him he would be surprised how little I would cook for him over the weekend. Still, none of us seemed to starve.

I have read some other works by pregnant bloggers, and am saddened that I seem to the the only one who crashes and can't keep up. Perhaps it is because this is my first. . .or perhaps it is because I am a whimp. Either way, I have been assured by my midwife that these setbacks will only be temporary and that Eat Like a Rabbit readers will not suffer forever.