Finagle-a-Bagel, Boston, Massachusetts

Finagle a Bagel

This was such a fun restaurant. We had breakfast there twice during the three days I was in Boston. The staff was very kind and the acquisition of the meal very entertaining.

When you order your bagel, it is picked up near the cash register and dropped down a chute to a conveyor belt carrying it along until it runs into a saw laying on it's side and spinning furiously. The bagel gets sliced by the saw, and the force carries the bagel down to the end of the counter to be toasted, cut into quarters, and buttered. Naturally, this occurs behind a glass partition for safety purposes.

The location we visited was across from the State House on the "Freedom Trail". We passed another "Finagel" that did not appear to have the saw and conveyor belt. If that is truly the case, this experience was even more special

The wild berries and raisins in the bagels tasted fresh and juicy. I did not taste a high sugar content in the bagel itself, which is always appreciated. The butter also tasted more unsalted than normal. My only complaint is since we were in a city big on conservation, napkins were hard to acquire--not even added to the to-go bag.

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