Vegetable Lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna

I created this lasagna from "The Vegetarian 5-ingredient Gourmet". The problem was that I accidently picked up the cook-first kind of noodles at the store. I have decided this was a good thing because I didn't want to have to add water to my dish to help cook the noodles. Still, it may be worth it to save time with the no-cook noodles.

I used carrots, zucchini, and squash from the Maitland Farmer's Market. There's one gentleman we visit regularly for his prices and for the quality of the produce. I defrosted some other green veggies, cut up onions and garlic to sprinkle around, and sliced Jarlsburg cheese. I have used cottage cheese in the center with lots of seasonings mixed in--paprika, onion, Italian mixed seasonings. I think it adds extra flavor. In this case, I went with the straight Ricotta and no seasonings. Not sure if either really makes a difference. I use Classico sauces because that's what Costco sells. I layered the works as the book recommended, refrigerated it overnight, and baked it the next day. The little bit of leftovers got divided up into microwaveable containers for lunches later in the week.

I have made 3 different kinds of lasagna: a spinach and cottage cheese, which I put together very quickly (my guests were impressed with the speed), a pesto-only lasagna with eggplant that got dumped quickly because it was impossible to cut, and this one. I think this was by far the best because of the variety of unusual veggies.

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