Lemon Zucchini Pasta

Lemon Zucchini Pasta

This recipe is from "Moosewood Cooks at Home". It recognizes that lemon juice in a pasta dish sounds odd, but we enjoy it. The recipe does call for spaghetti, but we had bow tie and enjoyed it just as much.

In short, you saute the zucchini in oil and garlic, add lemon juice; pour the mixture over cooked pasta, mix in a shreaded white cheese (we chose Asiago) and serve. My favorite part is where I can add fresh basil from our herb garden. I like to make harvesting the herbs my husband's job so he feels like he is participating in the preparation of our food.

This recipe is tops for simplicity and flavors the green squash well. I don't know if I wish I had used more lemon than it calls for or not. I like it strong, but I would hate to turn off my guests.

This is a perfect recipe for tomato bruschetta as there are no tomatoes already in the pasta. I also served a small mixed green salad and pine nuts just for laughs. The leftovers from this were great, too. You can even top the leftovers with the leftover bruschetta mixture. . .although that may be a bit much.

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