La Romana Tomatoes Gratin

La Romana Tomato Au GratinTomato au gratin

Tomatoes are definitely a can't-live-without-it kind of a food. I almost always have at least one tomato in my home even when they are exceptionally expensive and out of season. This recipe was found at where I do get a few recipes and also some very good ideas.

At the time this blog is being posted, visitors to have given this recipe an average rating of four stars, but I'm not sure I would rate it so high. The topping is very good and garlicky. And I think the item is a colorful accent to a mixed green salad. But, I didn't get excited about it. Perhaps one reason is after you get passed the topping, the rest of the tomato is bland and requires salad dressing. Or maybe I didn't like a baked tomato. In fact, come to think of it, I have never met a baked or stuffed tomato I liked. I remember a recipe from a couple years ago of a brunch item with a boiled egg cooked in the center of a cut-out tomato. And I remember another time with Dijon mustard and other seasonings on top of a tomato. But I don't remember actually likeing those concoctions. Perhaps future dishes of this nature will be deferred to Paul for review. I think it's good to try such options and to expand your horizons, but it is not a dish I would make again.

As an after thought, I'd like to mention that it's certainly not worth the high oven energy (450 degrees) to cook it unless you already had the oven on that high for another item.

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