Guacamole in Avocados with Salad Wrap

Open Salad with GuacamoleSalad in a wrap with Guacamole

Guacamole is a favorite for us. However, we tend to differ on how to make it. Fresh cilantro is better than dried cilantro. Lime is better than lemon. And never use mayonnaise!

A good guac should be a mashed ripe avocado, a few tiny-chopped onions, a minced garlic clove, juice from half a lime, and salt and pepper to taste. This day, I noticed that I didn't destroy the avocado peel when I cleaned it out. So, I stuffed the guac back into the peel and it reminded me of a miniature stuffed potato. I though it was cute and a neat idea for that little something extra to make "sandwich night" special or for finger foods at a party.

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