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Paco's is a small restaurant on Fairbanks Avenue and should almost have a downtown Orlando address instead of a Winter Park address. With its size and mismatched table linens and chairs, it might be hard to imagine how the restaurant could be celebrating 27 years and consistently have a line of hungry patrons waiting in the small entrance. The easiest answer would be really good food and really good service.

One thing Paco's may do that is exceptionally right is closing during the very slow hours between 2:30 in the afternoon and 5:30. Because the space is so small, this may give time to clean up tables and what I would imagine to be a disaster of a kitchen by the end of the lunch rush. Whatever the reason, it's important to note the restaurant does not keep "American" hours, but is worth the line whatever time you get there.

Paul almost consistently gets guacamole tacos, which has a great guac replacing beans or meat in the taco. (For vegan diners, ask to hold the cheese.) The tacos are still available in soft or hard shell, as two or as three, and with rice and beans as a dinner. I often like the cheese and onion enchiladas because I think the guac may be too salty, but Paul likes it quite a lot. There is also a bean enchilada dish with an entire salad of lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, sour cream, and guac on top. Not so traditional, but definitely exceptional.

Certainly not the least important is a consistently good salsa and warm chip combination that comes to your table with your drinks. . .or sometimes even before your drinks.

This is definitely a restaurant we like to take guests who come to visit. For repeat guests, we don't have to ask where they want to eat. They ask for Paco's.

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I LOVE PACO'S. I am heading

I LOVE PACO'S. I am heading to O-Town on Friday and it is my intent to drag my sister to Paco's for dinner. I have been telling her about this place for months.