Tony's Deli-Orlando, Florida

Gyros at Tony's Deli

This is a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant with a Mediterranean food store attached. It has a Greek menu and has been voted Orlando's Best for a few years, with framed advertisements above the cash register. However, when you look at the plastic table covers with pictures of different kinds of pasta and the "silk" leaves and plastic grape clusters hanging from the ceiling, you might get slightly confused. Paul had a falafel sandwich in a great thick bread wrap. I had the hummus and tabouleh sandwich. Both had lettuce and tomato added with a creamy cucumber dressing coating every bite. Perhaps there was too much dressing because it leaked into my aluminum foil and had the bottom of my sandwich moist and falling apart before I got to it. The taste was fabulous. And the falafel was so good and moist. My only complaint was that the lettuce tasted bitter.

The restaurant appeared to be family owned. The owner seemed quite popular as people were asking for him. The ladies at the store that day were very sweet, though. The total for the meal was just over $11. Considering I have tried to make a similar meal at home, I know that the price seems fairly reasonable. Unless you grow your own mint and parsley, tabouleh itself is pricey.

Recommendation: The parking lot in the rear of the restaurant is small. In fact, a gentleman hit my car door just by opening his door. Sadly, he was very rude about the accident and refused to pay for the damages. For this reason, I recommend parking parallel in the front of the restaurant as I will do in the future.

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