Ratatouille on Couscous

Mixing RatatouilleRoasted RatatouilleRatatouille

Our friends, Frank and Emily had seen the movie, Ratatouille, enough that they wanted to see what ratatouille tasted like.

We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon a couple weeks back playing at the lake where the Maitland Farmer's Market sells food and plants. We acquired the fresh vegetables for a ratatouille, and I consulted Mooswewood Simple Suppers for how to roast ratatouille and what to serve it with. The book recommended couscous and a side salad.

The vegetables from the farmer's market totaled $5, and I already had the ingredients for a salad.

The recipe was truly simple and was a cinch for time-saving preparation and space-saving cooking and cleaning. All we had to do was chop of the veggies, add oil and salt, mix it in a bowl, and dump on a foil-lined jelly roll pan . . . but the 45 minute cooking wait can be stressful if everyone is excited and hungry. The couscous microwaved and was ready in less than 10 minutes. The wait was well worth the fabulous meal. Paul thinks the mixture resembles lasagna. His analogy works because couscous is Moroccan pasta. We topped the meal off with some fresh strawberries over ice cream. What a great season to live in the South!

We would definitely make this meal again.

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