Cost to Make Broccoli Egg Lemon Soup

Broccoli Egg Lemon Soup

Previously, I have made this soup and loved it. I'm not sure what went wrong this time around, but we weren't as excited about it this time. So I will probably be spending my time trying new soup recipes, which makes a lot of sense when it isn't cold that often in Florida. So many soups, so little time! However, I think the mixture of flavors is still creative and fun for those with more experienced taste as the egg and lemon are quite unusual. For people who have more calendar time to eat soups that warm the inside, I think the creation is worth a try from your own stove.

Cost to Make

  • $0.50 McKay's (Vegetarian) Chicken Style Seasoning (Adventist Book Center or Economy Foods)
  • $0.23 Broccoli (Coscto)
  • $0.14 Egg (Costco)
  • $0.08 Garlic (Costco)
  • Free Lemon (Gift)
  • $0.19 Bell Pepper (Costc0)
  • $0.28 Onion (Costco)
  • $0.12 Rice (Walmart)
  • $0.07 Oil (Publix, buy one get one free)
  • $1.61 Total

I tend to split recipes in half for less leftovers. So, this really did yield just two servings.

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