PB&J for Lunch, Cost and View of Assembly Line

Assembly LinePB&J Ready for work

We brown-bag our lunch. It's an incredible savings when you think about how much lunch out costs. And you can't eat the cheapest Taco Bell every day no matter how much you like it! Paul gets a great discount at the hospital, but I'm stuck on my own. If I forget my lunch, I don't get any. That also has to do with the fact that my schedule at work doesn't allow for the time to go out and buy something.

Paul likes whole grain artisan bread. We pick it up at Costco and Paul can slice the bread as thick as he wants before we create our "PB&J Factory" in our kitchen. When we do it together, the assembly line goes quickly. Paul gets two sandwiches per freezer-safe Ziplock bag. He has what used to be his own drawer in the freezer, which has changed a bit, and he can pull a bag out every day to go with whatever goodness I have (hopefully) packed the night before. Carrot sticks, a special chocolate, a small container of chips. . .whatever we have to make the meal more filling.

Cost to Make Lunches

  • $4.99 Multigrain Bread
  • $2.79 Peanut Butter (Publix)
  • $1.00 Strawberry Preserves (Costco)
  • $8.78 Total

Notice the peanut butter goes on both sides of the bread. Paul taught me that the peanut butter acts as a barrier to keep the preserves from soaking into the bread. The frozen sandwiches defrost in about two hours. And Paul can eat them as a snack or can wait until lunch.

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