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Lemon and Baci Gelato-GromMischevious in Paris

I learned about Grom during my pre-Paris meal researching online from David Lebovitz, a popular reviewer of Paris dining. True to recommendations and reviews, Grom was beyond fantastic. I had limon and Bacio (a milk chocolate and hazelnut concoction based on the candy of the same name); Paul had pear and hazelnut; Mom had pistachio and lemon; and Dad had pistachio and dark chocolate.

I advise learning Italian if you intend to make a habit of gelato. We would have seriously struggled at Grom if we had not learned the Italian words for gelato flavors because the flavors were in Italian and the translation was in French. The gentleman behind the counter did speak English fairly well. He said the menu changes monthly. We actually got to experience that because our last day in Paris was March first. The menu was divided into Cream flavors (made with dairy), Sorbet flavors (creamy, but not made with dairy), and additional chocolate flavors (which I had a hard time distinguishing why they were separated. It was a great way to end a day and forget about eating "real food." Sometimes, a little dessert for dinner isn't such a bad thing.

Cost of Gelato

Remember, prices are based on the euro with a $1.26 exchange rate.

  • 3,50 Small Cup (Petit)
  • 4,50 Medium Cup (Moyen)
  • 4,50 Medium Cup (Moyen)
  • 5,50 Large Cup (Grand)
  • 18,00 Total (0,94 tax)

Tax is included in the prices on menus. However, the restaurants want to remind you of the 5,5% tax added by itemizing on receipts.

As with all gelato, Grom is a perfect alternative for lactos intolerant or vegan individuals as the fruit flavors are water-based, but are still creamy.

The story of our whole day in Paris can be found here.

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I had fiordilate and

I had fiordilate and giandujia both at Grom and Pozzetto and I liked better the latter. Grom's fiordilate was fattier, perhaps had a stronger flavour but left your tongue oily. Giandujia at Pozzetto is incredible. No words to describe it. Just try it.