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Harmoni restaurant and market in College Park, Florida was one of the first posts on Eat Like a Rabbit and has been one of the more popular posts ever since. In the Sunday, March 22, 2009 Orlando Sentinel, I came across an interesting addition to that post in the Dining section.

Apparently, Harmoni has opened a sister restaurant and market in Longwood, Florida, which is said to "fill a void" vacated years ago. This restaurant has a few differences, but has the same simple and exciting menu. The news paper article, written by Heather McPherson, cites a vegetarian crostini appetizer of three slices of garlic-rubbed bread topped with a different mixture--wild mushroom, bruschetta; and ricotta, dates and pistachio nuts. There is an array of salads and sandwiches and a couple tempting sides mentioned (garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed asparagus) that would make a trip to the new restaurant profitable even if there weren't a true "vegetarian" plate on the menu, which I seriously doubt.

Harmoni is a participant in Slow Food USA and prefers to use local food products--preferably organic--that does not harm the environment. This is a world-wide movement that we have seen in other restaurants around the country. Although the price is higher, we find that the quality is worth the price and we are proud to support the movement.

Going to Longwood would require a special trip for us; so, I don't see us visiting this restaurant any time soon. We are nearer to the College Park location. If someone gets to this restaurant before we do, we would love to hear your vegetarian perspective. Please post a comment with all the information you have gleaned about the new Harmoni in Longwood.

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We are looking forward to a

We are looking forward to a visit to the Harmoni Restaurant in Longwood. Thank you for the suggection. Allow me to recommend a new restaurant (for us anyway). You must try Cafe118 in Winter Park. We found it to be a very delightful and unique vegetarian experience.

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Ed & Dorina

The first time we went to

The first time we went to Harmoni, Longwood it was still fairly new and the food was excellent. Last night was a different story. There were 6 of us and we all agreed the food was not very good. The lemon chicken was not cooked enough or had any lemon taste. The garlic mashed potato's had no garlic. The rib-eye panini was almost raw and the shrimp with pasta had a funny taste.
In their defense they had a large private party to serve but still that is no excuse for poor food.
Very Disappointed