PARIS-Grom vs. Amorino

Amorino is a chain pastry shop with coffee and gelato that has many locations in Paris. A number of individuals in our group loved it and visited it regularly. We didn't like the looks of the gelato nor the selection and went back to Grom for our last night in Paris. To research Amorino for yourself, visit, but the website is in French.

Dishing out Grom

I liked the way Grom was presented. The gelato was covered with stainless steel lids, and even though it prevented you from looking around, you had no issues getting opportunity to check it out. The bar seats were comfortable and sat on hydraulics or something that made them fun to bounce in. The second time, Paul and I took his parents, Brina, and Lynn along for the ride. That was a nice way to close out the first leg of our trip.

Eating Vegetarian: