FRANCE-L'Atelier du Chocolat

Kid in a Candy Store

Outside of Paris, our daily activities aren't as exciting as Paris was. They were special, but obviously not as well-known and not always high-tourist areas. Much of the rest of the France stories will be focused more on food. Paul will be happier about this as he thinks the day-by-day stories about Paris were not so Eat Like a Rabbit related.

L'Atelier is a chain store in France and is high quality. I recommend searching before you go for other forms of the store in other towns on your itinerary. There are a variety of chocolates made in long thin strips two feet wide and who-knows-how-long. You gesture with your hands the size of chocolate you would like and the attendant will measure the amount on the scale and show you the price. We chose a small sample of 90% cocoa and a matching size of 80% cocoa. The 80% was far superior for eating straight, but the 90% would have made some great hot chocolate. Mom and I purchased a glass jar of nuts covered in powdered chocolate with a hint of chili powder for the choir director at our church. His birthday was the day we landed in Paris. What was so special about this jar was that the nuts were not uniform in size, which kept the product from looking like it was made in a factory. Evan recognized the label was in French. "You must have gotten it in New Orleands!" He knows we go home often. I told him it was from France, and he was even happier. He said he and his wife were rationing them out because they were so good. I appreciate Evan's input and opinions because he and Jan are also foodies.

The only disheartening thing about this chocolate shop was that the girl in the store would not allow us to take pictures in the store or even of the outside of the store standing in the middle of the street. We were lucky to get this shot before she lectured Paul in loud, long French phrases.

So, if you don't pull out your camera, I recommend visiting this place. Just remember the creative wrapping may not look as pretty after traveling home in a suitcase.

L'Atelier du Chocolat

28 bis, rue du Soleil D'Or
28000 Chartres
Tel: 02 37 28 66 56

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