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Crêperie Anne de Bretagne

Rampe du Château
37400 Amboise, France
02 47 57 05 46

There were only two restaurants in Amboise recommended to us by the staff at our hotel. Unfortunately, one of them didn't have any vegetarian options on the menu. A number of us chose this restaurant. Creperie Anne had something that really stood out. It had a vegetarian menu. Many French restaurants have a three-course menu for a set price--in this case 13,70 euros. This was the first meat-serving restaurant we visited that had a set vegetarian menu. I think this is a great example of what's to come. Not long ago, a vegetarian had great trouble eating in France. Now, the French are seeing that a vegetarian option on the menu is key because vegetarianism is certainly gaining popularity in America. And France needs tourists (just like everyone else right now.)

We started with a Caprese salad as (if I remember correctly) the restaurant was out of the green salad option. The salad was yummy and was served with bread, which could have almost made a meal of itself. Next, came spaghetti for me and a galette for Paul. The spaghetti tasted straight out of a bottle and the galette seemed cold and tasteless with lots of mushroom and a few sprigs of lettuce under its folded layers. This galette was also greasy and fell apart. Maybe that's just the style of galettes. The language barrier was a problem because my tart dessert (because I hadn't yet had one in France!) ended up being the fruit ice cream. Paul had already ordered the ice cream so we couldn't trade. The ice cream was well presented, but a bit much I think.

Let's just say, it wasn't the worst meal of the trip, but it wasn't worth missing the bus for, either. That night the bus had to go back to the hotel 2 miles away early because drivers are only allowed a certain number of working hours a day. We had to walk back, which I don't complain about. But I bet we would have had a better meal if we had just gone and picked up some items at the grocery store.

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