Menu for week of April 12, 2009

Weekly Menu Planning

  • Vegetarian Hot Dogs with Cole Slaw and Baked Beans
  • Vegetarian Turkey Fajitas
  • Vegetarian Hamburgers with Oven Baked Fries
  • Vegetarian Skallops on Pasta with almond garlic recipe sauce from Gourmet magazine
  • Black-eyed Peas, Cole Slaw and Corn Bread

We have most of these items. The menu is fairly limited because I was not in town to go grocery shopping on Thursday. I have not decided what order I want to make these meals in. Obviously, it depends on the busy schedule. By the way, I really, really don't like peas, even the black-eyed kind. However, we have some in the cabinets that need to be eaten. Since Paul will eat most of them, I'm not worried. But, I don't like to just store things forever. I will choke the peas down because they are on the plate and because I know they are good for me. But I don't have to enjoy it! Paul's mom taught me to top them with mayonnaise, bell peppers, green onions and seasoned salt. I can eat them more with those items on them.

What do you plan on eating this week?

Eating Vegetarian: