HD Loves HB Free Ice Cream

It's so ironic that I came across this story in the Orlando Sentinel food blog today. We were talking about ice cream in front of Brent and Lisa's kids yesterday--that was to be our reward for running the Bloomsday Race--and I had to spell Haagen Dazs, which sparked a laugh because of the tricky spelling. I did forget the second "a". Secondly, my Gourmet Magazine last week had a really cute add about the ice cream brand and honey bees (see a similar photo and discussion here) for the the ice cream in relation to its care about honey bees, and since I'm married to a designer and I'm learning to appreciate good marketing, the add stuck with me.

On Tuesday, May 12, HD will be offering from 4-8 pm free samples of ice cream made by HB. For the full story and a link to participating locations, visit the Orlando Sentinel online.