Talenti Gelato and Sorbetto Review

Talenti Gelato and Sorbetto

Summer is a great time to enjoy treats from the freezer. In Florida, cold items are more of a necessity when the heat is ramping up. We had my parents and grandmother over for Memorial Day dinner. I surprised Paul with new gelato by Talenti that is sold at Publix. I allowed my guests to have their choice of chocolate, vanilla, and coconut gelato and raspberry sorbetto. I also served some very festive raspberries and blackberries on a plate at the table to accompany the dessert.

Here are my thoughts about the dessrt: Granted, I know gelato will never taste the same in America that it does in Italy, but I've known it to come close. This just doesn't work for me. When I want gelato, it's cause I want it to be a little better than regular ice cream. Mostly, this just tastes like regular ice cream. The raspberry and coconut almost taste like they have too much extra flavoring. And I have never seen a good fresh raspberry gelato that dark/bright of a color. Usually, it is a bit paler and creamier. My favorite combination of gelato is chocolate and raspberry; so believe me, I've seen my share of light, smooth raspberry gelato. I could never figure out why the vanilla was always softer than the rest and why the chocolate was always harder than the rest. The vanilla melts too quickly, and and the chocolate is too stiff to get out of the container.

I think that the flavor selection of lemon, raspberry, and coconut are rare to find, and if those flavors are super important to you, than the cartons are worth their price. (I paid $3.50 a carton introductory price. Now they are $4 on sale, but are regularly around $7.) But if you've been spoiled by European gelato, it may be best to save those good memories and stick to American ice cream while you're State-side.



While I don't think Talenti

While I don't think Talenti is the best, I find it's pretty decent gelato, especially when I get on sale for less than $4 here. While fresh gelato is wonderful, with Talenti I do find the lower fat and increased flavor (compared with ice cream) that is characteristic to gelato, and I like the Vanilla, Coconut and Raspberry Sorbetto. I've had Belgian Milk Chocolate, and it's not bad, though I'm not the best judge since I normally don't have Chocolate/Fudge ice creams. Too me, that one didn't really strike much difference compared to say getting a Chocolate Frosty from Wendy's :-P

There's some interesting info here about the ingredients that go into Talenti, at least it seems to me they are trying to create a quality product.


I just tried the talenti

I just tried the talenti caribbean coconut gelato and it reminded me of my gorgeous island of puerto rico! It was a lil to pricey but I luved it! Would luv to try the other flavors!

Talenti is fantastic and well

Talenti is fantastic and well worth the price for a packaged gelato. My favorite is the Coconut. Compare the taste to other packaged Gelatos and Talenti is a winner. It's not fair to compare Talenti or any other packaged gelato to the real deal!

Well said. I am always

Well said. I am always puzzled when people compare things that shouldn't be compared, like book versions vs movie versions, and tourist sites in different continents; and in this case packaged gelato meant for worldwide distribution and gelato you get served when you are in Italy. Hello? I met a young Frenchman who disappointedly commented that there is nothing in the US that can compare to anything in Europe. Well, there is nothing in Europe that can compare to the pyramids in Egypt or the temples in India and South America. What a silly remark to have an excuse to feel superior when it merely reveals a lack of sophistication. The intelligent response is to be pleasantly surprised and appreciative that mass-produced packaged gelato like Talenti's can taste very good at all.

I tried the coconut and it's

I tried the coconut and it's really too sweet, too much sugar!
It does taste like ice cream and not gelato. Your right you'll never get the real taste of gelato in the states.

I tried the caramel cookie

I tried the caramel cookie crunch gelato and it was fantastic. The best thing I've ever gotten from my grocers freezer. I haven't tried the other flavor but this one was a keeper. I got mine at Fresh Fields in Maryland.

I just love Talenti gelatos,

I just love Talenti gelatos, so much better than premium ice creams. My favorit is the double dark chocolate and coconut. I have tried the cookie crunch and I didnt care too much for it. I did like the vanilla bean as well and Belgian chocolate. I will keep buying them and recently Publix has them buy 1 get 1 free, I almost died I was so excited LOL

I went to Italy in 83 and 85,

I went to Italy in 83 and 85, couldn't get enough gelato!! We paid $6.00 US for 3 scoops of gelato and pizzelle cookies. Plus they charge more if you sit down and eat!!!

I got the Talenti Double Dark Chocolate,and it was soooo good!!! I have to hide it from my hubby, way back in the freezer. :) :) :)

I didn't try all of the

I didn't try all of the flavors but I've tried most (I work catering part time and we use talenti gelato in one of our deserts).

The vanilla and coconut are good, but in my opinion, not worth the price b/c they do taste like regular ice cream... not that creamy at all.

HOWEVER... the belgium milk chocolate flavor is one of the best things I have ever put in my freaking mouth. jesus... so creamy and other than the authentic atmosphere you might enjoy while eating gelato made in Italy, I would bet that there is nothing better. I'm a huge milk chocolate fan though (not dark).

They have blood orange flavor at my Publix now and a bunch of other new ones lately too. So far nothing has sparked enough interest for me to stray from the belguim milk choc. Save up penny by penny if you have to to try this... its so worth it.

Worst flavor IMO: rasberry sorbet. someone above me said it has too much flavor... thats a good description. its super sweet and super tart.

I just tried the Talenti

I just tried the Talenti almond and pistachio flavors.

Pros: nice packaging and I like the reusable container.
Con: Overwhelming powdered milk flavor. Underwhelming pistachio flavor, almonds tasted stale.

I was so unimpressed I'm not even interested in trying the flavors people say they like. Especially since it's overpriced. I can get pints of local ice cream and gelato cheaper than talenti even when it's on sale.

This is an inferior brand of

This is an inferior brand of ice cream.
I had the "Double Dark" Chocolate and the Caramel Cookie Crunch and found them both to be subpar products.

The chocolate was not especially chocolaty - it just had a weak malted taste. The Caramel had a strange off-taste; maybe it was the powdered milk mentioned above.

The products did not have the dense richness of any local gelato I've had. Gelato is supposed to be very dense with very little air. Talenti seemed to have as much air as any American ice cream, but I can't say with certainty.

It also has lots of ingredients that have no business in a super premium product like this: powdered milk, dextrose, wheat flour, sunflower oil, baking soda, guar gum, corn starch, soy, lecithin.

My wife and I both agreed that one taste of this was enough. This stuff is best forgotten.

I have tried in two flavors -

I have tried in two flavors - coconut and double chocolate (or something like that). I really do not think this is a good product at all. It is WAY too sweet and does not resemble gelato at all. The chocolate one was loaded with chocolate chunks, which was not written on the container. The chocolate chunks were of poor quality and had that typically nasty "chalky" taste that chocolate chunks in low-quality ice cream have. The coconut was too sweet and did not have enough coconut flavor. It was also grainy and had little bits of coconut.

I would not mind so much if this company claimed to make ice cream rather than gelato. My parents have lived in Italy for over ten years and I know what good gelato is. I have only seen it replicated ONE time in the USA and this is not even close. This is nothing like real gelato. This company charges way too much money for the product they provide.

To me the best thing about gelato is the delicate flavor and creamy texture. It should have a refreshing quality to it and the flavor should reflect the name. This product is the opposite of that. It is not very creamy, loaded with sugar and so over-flavored that the subtleties are completely lost. I know this is the USA, but that does not mean that there aren't customers out there who want a less sweet, more delicate gelato. I am still searching. Please, if I wanted an "in-your-face" ice cream experience I could get that anywhere.

I agree with Camila. It's

I agree with Camila. It's well known sorbetto doesn't have dairy in it. The raspberry sorbetto you reviewed isn't supposed to be creamy. It would be if it were raspberry gelato, to which you are comparing it, or even raspberry sherbet, which is like sorbetto but with some cream or dairy added.

i have to say i am a little

i have to say i am a little dissapointed in this review of talenti for a few different reasons... firstly because you will never be able to actually compare gelato in america with gelato in italy at the same time so you cannot give an objective opinion on which one tastes better not to mention talenti is a mass produced product not individually made every day and as you admitted yourself you did have some poor tasting gelato in italy which completely nullifies your assertion that you should save yourself for gelato in italy... secondly as far as the color of the sorbet and quality the color is pretty close to what a smashed raspberry looks like so i would say that the version you had in italy was probably a cheaper version with more water and other ingredients in it to make it a lighter color... thirdly calling a frozen treat gelato as opposed to ice cream, the only difference between the two should be the consistency the name gelato in itself has nothing to do with the taste but only with the fact that gelato has a lower fat content and higher sugar content making it creamier and sweeter which ties into the reason the chocolate is usually harder than vanilla because where as a vanilla bean has little to no fat chocolate does have an extremely high fat content so when you puree chocolate with cream and freeze it then it will be harder unless you adjust the fat content of the dairy accordingly which almost nobody does

so in conclusion i am not trying to completely bash your review because i agree talenti gelato is not the best gelato i have ever had but i do completely disagree with the reasons you gave for discrediting it because the you never addressed the qualities that make it a gelato while saying it does not deserve to be called a gelato... flavor and quality of ingredients have nothing to do with gelato only to do with if you like it or not

The first flavor I tried was

The first flavor I tried was the Belgian Milk Chocolate -- I was in Italy two months ago and this flavor of Talenti was the closest thing I'd found in the US to authentic gelato. SO GOOD. I couldn't wait to try all the other flavors. I've tried Toasted Almond, Vanilla Bean, and Dulce de Leche. Total disappointment. The Almond and Vanilla completely lacked that essential Gelato-ness -- Haagen Dazs would have been just as good if not better. Even more disappointing -- I found the Dulce de Leche to be almost completely inedible -- it tasted like cheap, Kraft bagged caramels. Gag. I actually threw most of it away -- can't remember the last time I threw away ice cream! I'll be buying the milk chocolate again, but I probably won't even be trying the other flavors.

I am 7.5 months pregnant and

I am 7.5 months pregnant and was craving a good, creamy caramel ice-cream and decided to try the Talenti Caramel Cookie Crunch. What a total disappointment! First, the product is more "icy" than creamy and, second, the taste is terrible. I would say almost inedible. The ingredients taste cheap as hell. I can't stand fancy packaging with a sub-par product inside. I'm actually considering taking it back and asking for my money back ($5 and some change). Good thing I bought some Haagen Dazs as a back-up!

Christine, exact same

Christine, exact same experience! (Well, I'm not pregnant, but the rest is spot-on). Bought the same flavor of Talenti Gelato and I was shocked at how bad it tasted. Truly, like there was a mix-up in the ingredients. Ended up throwing the whole container away after only taking 2 bites. Bad stuff! Agree I should have returned it to the store for a refund, but not worth the gas money in this instance. Can't speak for the other flavors, but do NOT buy the caramel cookie crunch.

Christine, I am 3 mos

Christine, I am 3 mos pregnant and almost passed out when I saw the beautiful containers where you can see right into the yummy variety of flavors. I got the $4.00+ Carmel Cookie Crunch. I was so disappointed and pissed because I could have bought Haagen Daz's Carmel Cone flavor instead. I took 2 bites and debated whether to throw it out (but save the cute container). It tasted grainy and chalky. Terrible flavor and waste of money.

This gelato is AWESOME! I've

This gelato is AWESOME! I've only tried the coconut and it is DELICIOUS. It reminds me of the home-made icecreams in my country - Dominican Republic.

It tastes quite organic, naturally made. I don't mind the powdered milk flavor AT ALL, it's actually quite nice.

American ice-creams taste like NOTHING at all...too heavily creamy and sweet with very little actual FLAVOR. That's why I usually do cookie dough, chips, and caramel with American...you have to doctor it so it can taste better.

This gelato is lovely....

We tried the black cherry

We tried the black cherry telenti gelato and have to say it is the WORST gelato/ice cream we've ever had. It has powdered milk in it and boy can you taste it. . . pass on this brand!

Is true as they say in

Is true as they say in spanish, that translates roughly to there's a color for everyone's liking. I love the Black Cherry Gelato as well as the Coconut which is probably my favorite. I find these two flavors to be addictive. The pistachio although still very good not quite as much. I will force myself to try other flavors but having a hard time letting go of the coconut. I love Talenti and recommend to everyone I know.

I agree. I've found the dark

I agree. I've found the dark chocolate to be a bit bitter even. Not my cup of tea. But the coconut flavor is heavenly! It's inspired me to submit a homemade gelato recipe to the Real Women of Philadelphia contest going on now. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

I just tried the Talenti

I just tried the Talenti Pistachio. Terrible. Strong powdered milk taste. Bland and sweet. The only thing good were the pistachios in it.

For $6 a pint, I expected a better product and decided to search the internet to see what other people had to say about Talenti gelatos.

I don't understand all the

I don't understand all the terrible reviews, I got the cappuccino flavor and I loved the stuff. I had three or four other people taste it too and they all loved it as well.

I have been wondering what

I have been wondering what others experience has been with this product. I broke down, when the Talenti was on sale, and brought the Cappuccino. That is the flavor I like the best, period. I was overflowing with excictment and couldn't wait to dig into this Gelato, Sorbetto or whatever you want to call it. My first spoonful tasted like____. It had to be one of the worst tasting things I have ever tasted. I was shocked and surprised. One of things that tempted me to want to try it in the first place was the packaging. I figured that the outside was an indication of what was inside. Was I wrong. It didn't even have a coffee, cappuccino taste at all. It was really nasty and gross. I'm serious, I'm not trying to be funny nor am I going overboard. I thought that I might have gotten a bad batch, or in shipping it had spoiled or something. So I put it back in the freezer and wrote the company and told them of my experience. They ask me for the batch date etc. and said they wanted to give it to their lab or whoever handles this aspect of their production and they would get back to me. They also promised that they were going to send me some coupons because I wanted to try some of their other flavors. I really wanted to like this product. A quick note, I have never been to Italy and so have never tasted this product until now, so I cannot compare like some of you can. I just wanted to eat a good thing. Anyway, I never heard from them again, that was back around the first of May of this year (2011)I wrote them again July 11,2011 and they still haven't gotten back to me. In the mean time, I live in Southern Calif. Since I first wrote them about my experience, I have not seen that flavor,(cappuccion) on any shelve, or in the store that I first purchesed their product in, or in any other store since I first wrote them about my experience. So, of course, I never ate any more of the cappuccion again but I did keep it. I will keep trying to get a responce from them and I plan on writing them also. I want to give them as much of a benefit of the doubt before I find a lab that will check the jar that I brought. Thought I'd share this with you all.

I love Gelato even though I

I love Gelato even though I do not eat eggs, I make an exception for Gelato. I tried double chocolate, and it was mostly a disappointment, not that it was bad, but it just tasted like regular ice cream. I can get the best organic ice cream at half the price and for more flavor. I knew that if the Gelato turned out to be bad, at least I would get a nice jar, and basically, this is all I got for $6 - a nice jar.

I love Gelato even though I

I love Gelato even though I do not eat eggs, I make an exception for Gelato. I tried double chocolate, and it was mostly a disappointment, not that it was bad, but it just tasted like regular ice cream. I can get the best organic ice cream at half the price and for more flavor. I knew that if the Gelato turned out to be bad, at least I would get a nice jar, and basically, this is all I got for $6 - a nice jar.