Spinach for a Week!

Ruined Cookbooks

Paul's folks had a major issue with their kitchen earlier this year. Their upstairs water heater flooded their kitchen and ruined--among other things--years of collected recipes. You can see all the marked pages in the cookbooks that the insurance company replaced. I also benefited because we learned one of the cookbooks The Occasional Vegetarian was out of print. Kathleen graciously sent me a used copy when she found a source. I'm happy my stomach is more settled because I've already read it cover-to-cover. (Yes, I do find enjoyment just reading cookbooks.) I've already used two recipes and will be going back to it later in the week.

I purchased a 1 pound package of spinach at Costco on Thursday and am determined to finish it off before the end of this week. One pound doesn't sound like much, but it looks like a lot, probably because I'm not running to the kitchen when I get home from work like I once did. I hope that excitement will return. Anyway, below are some ideas I have for getting that extra iron into my tummy because the vitamins still aren't staying down all the time.

I will use the list as a complete base for my menu for the week. You'll find there are more options than the usual five because I have to squeeze more snacks into the mix. I will appreciate getting back to a set menu idea because it's so stressful to struggle all day wondering what I will want to eat at 5 o'clock. Moreover, because I am not in my kitchen as much, I seem to be consistently purchasing items I don't need or not purchasing items we could really use. It hasn't been so fun. I miss the organization I used to have. Let's see if I can get back into the swing of things.

Menu items for the Week

  • Whole Wheat Pasta Primavera with garpe tomatoes, fresh broccoli, carrots, and spinach (Did this Thursday night.)
  • Scrambled eggs with onions, tomatoes, and spinach (Did this Saturday morning.)
  • Add a couple leaves to a sandwich (Did this Saturday afternoon.)
  • Berry-Banana Smoothies with Green Tops (Also Saturday afternoon and will likely be more. The "Green Tops" are the green specks of spinach in the rich pink drink. I noticed that organic fruits and veggies sometimes have the leaves attached. I figure if I tell myself it's just the tops of the organic fruit I won't think it's so strange. Oh, and I promise you can't taste it!)
  • The Occasional Vegetarian's Rice and Spinach (Which I think I'll make with couscous since I'm out of white rice.)
  • Rosemary Olive Bread Pizza with Spinach Pesto
  • Sauteed spinach if I can find something to serve with it.

If you have a recommendation for how to eat my spinach for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, please share the comment below.


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