Apples Falling Far From Trees

Apple Sauce

Last week we ordered two cases, the equivalent of 114, apples to be delivered in the near future. I purchased the items for a number of reasons. First, we bought some from the same Washington source to support the local church school two years ago, and they were wonderful. We were disappointed they didn't have them last year. Second, when I purchase apples at Costco or Target a few pounds at a time, some come out yummy and some are mealy. I want consistency and the apples two years ago seemed to fit the bill. Third, they were significantly cheaper than buying them from local grocery stores--especially for the variety: Jonagold! Fourth, I love getting in the kitchen with Paul and my folks cause they got some, too, and having a family activity of preserving the apples in a variety of ways.

I found a great post about what Utah Deal Diva did with apples that were given to her. I intend to use some of her recipes and make some of my own. If you have recommendations, let me know soon so I can make a clear plan of attack cause that's a lot of apples!

  • Applesauce stored in Ziplock bags and frozen flat (a success every year although much of it never gets old enough to make it to the freezer)
  • Apple Turnovers with Pepperidge Farm Puff Pasteries
  • Using all layers of dehydrator for cinnamon apples (Idea from Utah Deal Diva)
  • Frozen Diced Apples (Idea from Utah Deal Diva)
  • Thinking about this Apple Crisp from Smitten Kitchen for around the holidays.

I'm sure these ideas will only make a dent in the box. Please share your favorite fall apple uses.



I just picked up 2600lbs of

I just picked up 2600lbs of apples for making applesauce (not to worry, only 450lbs are for us). I wish you guys lived close enough to share them with you! Our big use for apples is applesauce and my goal is 200 qts this year.

Now that we have a dryer this year, I am hoping to get some of them dried too. I'll have to try drying some cinnamon apples. That sounds really tasty.