Menu for Week of October 26, 2009

Silver Springs Monkeys

Click on the photograph to go to Paul's Flickr page for a closer-up view of the monkeys. There's nothing like sitting in a boat having a picnic lunch and watching the monkeys watch you and wonder how they can get across the river to partake, too. We had quite a show. One of the best times was when a piroux came by with a dog and three adults. The dog watched us 'til he saw the monkeys. He got in really big trouble for barking and scaring them. Thanks, Connie and Jack for a great day!

It's a good thing I've moved my menu planning to Mondays. We had such a busy weekend that I couldn't even start thinking about the week's meals until this morning. Luckily, we have tons of leftovers that will provide us with steady eating for all three daily meals the rest of the week without too much stress on my brain or on my feet. I had a good deal of pain after standing for many hours in flip-flops (yes, I'm bad) to make the phenomenal Apple Crisp and Apple Sauce. Next on my list are apple turnovers and an apple-cranberry pie. (The recipe for the pie is in my November Gourmet, but I can't find it on the website.) Although, I may need a week of recovery before I start working on those.

Also, next Saturday Night is our annual PumpkinFest with tons of friends, serious eating, and hilarious games. So, the item of biggest necessity right now is to create a successful pumpkin or fall squash dish to bring to the bash. Any recommendations are welcome.

This Week's Menu

  • Rediburger Loaf Sandwiches with corn on the cob
  • Pan-crisped Deviled Eggs and salad
  • Morning Star Farms Asian Patties with veggies and rice
  • Veggie and veggie-turkey Fajitas
  • Something with the last bag egg noodles left at Aldi on Friday--a veggie beef stroganoff? Or Almond Pasta with Veggies? Will think on that one.

Some days I'll be making dinner for three this week as my dad is still alone due to my mother being out of town. Paul has three days of lentils and rice for lunches. However, if something changes, we'll eat that for dinner one night. Also, we have plenty of other leftovers like pancakes for breakfast and pomegranates to top ice cream. (I think this dessert only works in the south where the fruit is in season, but it's still hot enough to want a cold dessert. By the way, even my mother-in-law was surprised at how good our creation was. We're quite proud of it.)

What are you eating this week? Will you be spending more time in your kitchen cause your freezer has run out of stock or will you be trying to clean out what you have to make room for the holiday foods to come? Please share in the comments below.

Eating Vegetarian: