Is Your New Year's Resolution to Eat Better?

Bryant Park

Is your fridge nearly empty of all the goodies that you had around during the holidays? Are your plans to start the new year off afresh with new eating habits? What's your plan? Eat better? Eat healthier? Eat food that tastes better? Become a vegetarian? Become a vegan? Become a meat-eater? can help you with all of the above--except the meat-eater part. Unless what you read here doesn't sound appealing, I don't foresee helping you eat meat.

My husband and I are pretty picky. We only like to eat food that tastes good to us. We like lots of flavoring and seasoning (and up until last night had an herb garden in our back yard. Hopefully the frost didn't destroy everything.) But we also like to eat healthy foods. We love fresh fruits and vegetables and count ourselves lucky to live in Florida this time of year with great fresh citrus right down the road. Our goal is to Eat Well Vegetarian. We hope we can be a part of your routine for cooking and eating this year.

A few links to help you get started with your New Year's plan:

  • Free! Download a full written copy and an abridged audio copy of the newest diet book The Full Plate Diet. It promises to be healthy, hearty, and successful. I've already recommended it to a number of patients who are also excited about it. It should be out in print this month.
  • A friend of my mother-in-law sent me to Smitten Kitchen, and I've been sending people to it ever since. The apple crisp is our favorite so far.
  • In case you're becoming vegetarian or vegan and people are bothering you about your protein intake, check out my post about my personal experience.
  • A few of my posts from last year to make your mouth water: Burritos, Asparagus and Pasta, Gluten-Free Cornbread.

Are you looking for something in particular that EatLikeaRabbit hasn't seemed to tap yet? We'd love to help you out, anyway. Please let us know via comment on the bottom of this post or by clicking the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

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