Vegetable Broth Recipe Link

Garbanzo Soup with Carrots and Dumplings

Just this past week, I accidentally learned the value in making your own vegetable broth. That story's coming up in the next couple of days. That being said, there are a thousand different ways to make a successful broth. My biggest goal for continuing on with this new-found creation (not that I created the idea, but because I realized how easy it was to do) is the fact that the more flavoring that comes naturally, the less sodium I add. I've become rather focused on such a thing since I've been pregnant and have not enjoyed watching my legs and ankles swell. I recognize salt is necessary on certain things, but have been really, really pleased that I can make a dish without extra sodium.

For example, the Cheddar Vegetable Soup I made today had no added salt. I understand the cheese curds can be salty enough, but the vegetable flavors, red pepper, and parsley seemed to be enough flavor to keep salt far away.

After lunch, The Splendid Table (available on your local NPR station) did a feature on vegetable broth. Ms. Kasper recommended when you have guests in the winter to meet them at the door or soon after with a cup of the hot broth instead of drinks. There's a good amount of wisdom in that thought as it's a great way to add extra nutrients to your body. You can access the recipe on The Splendid Table's Website.

Just to clarify, The Splendid Table always recommends organic produce when cooking so you can add unpeeled veggies, like carrots and onions, to the pot as the skins have more nutrients and flavor and it allows you to get the most out of your ingredients. I learned that in their book How to Eat Supper.