Bon Appetit March 2010


The weather has been mostly lovely in Orlando. And that's been quite appreciated as we have needed to get out and get fresh air. Sometimes, we get out and exercise. Other times, we bundle up a tad and sit by the pool and nap. However, yesterday I was too excited about my latest foodie mag, and Paul and Nora slept while I read it cover-to-cover.

I started getting Bon Appetit in January after Gourmet closed its doors. At first I wasn't very pleased with the switch, but I am learning to accept and appreciate the information my new mag has to offer. For example, I loved the January issue with its play-by-play tips on picking out and cutting fennel. I intend to take it with me on my next trip to the Maitland Farmer's Market in hopes of adding another "something new" to my diet.

The March 2010 issue appears to be a great source for vegetarians. Also, it has a whole section on making desserts with the fabulous citrus that's in season. We're all for such things when we are so close to beautiful citrus. So, let me just wet your appetite and hopefully encourage you to take a trip to your local newsstand or library to acquire some of these recipes for your own collections.

Eating Vegetarian: 



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