Potato Quinoa Pancakes with Mint Orange Carrots

Potato Quinoa Pancakes

I write this post with my humblest and sincerest apologies to cookbook author, Mary Sheehan. Paul won a copy of her cookbook quite some time ago, and there was always something keeping me from investigating it and cooking some of her recipes. Well, I dug out the book when I was rearranging the kitchen. (I've read you should create a door in your kitchen with unbreakables so a child can play without restriction. I'm getting ready!) And I came across a recipe to use quinoa. Remember how I said I needed to find new ways to use it? Well this is definitely one that will remain in the forefront of my mind. I served it for my parents, grandmother, and Paul for dinner just last night and had to immediately share. It was that good. In fact, I was afraid the patties would be all gone and leave us with no leftovers for today.

So here's how it goes: quinoa may take a while to cook if you haven't yet figured out how to do it in a rice cooker like me. Also, mashed potatoes can seem time consuming. I cooked the quinoa the day before as I was already spending a good bit of time in the kitchen that day and knew it would get attention. Then, I asked my mom to do the potatoes yesterday while she was sitting with Nora so I could pull my first day back at work. That made the process seem so much easier and faster. This recipe has a lot of ingredients/seasonings, but I can see why. They all work together sensationally, and I can't imagine leaving a one of them out. The biggest surprise is that touch of ground cumin. It's absolutely amazing what it does to the pancakes. I just can't stop raving! I'm imagining them as breakfast potatoes, too. Why stop at just dinner?

Sadly, I didn't have access to mangos or squash as Mary recommends to be served aside this recipe. I just used the old stand by--ketchup. I did go the lower-fat way and cook the potato pancakes on my pancake griddle with no oil. They browned so beautifully, don't you think? Oh, and by the way, you can't taste the quinoa at all. Mary found a way to hide extra fiber and protein in what normally really wouldn't be that healthy of a dish. I'm so impressed. I commend her.

Simple, slightly steamed with garlic, asparagus and chili mint-orange carrots from Bon Appetit March 2010 were my side dishes. I'm not often a big fan of sweet carrots, but these turned out very nice and offered the sweetness Mary wanted with the fruit salsa topping I couldn't make. Sadly, we were in a really big hurry to get the meal on and forgot to add the crushed red pepper. So, it really was just mint-orange carrots. But everyone liked them anyway.

Thank you so much, Mary, for your excellent recipe! I can't wait to try something else from your book. I believe you are brilliant in the kitchen. I'm so glad to be able to learn from you.

Want this recipe? The book is available at MarySheehan.com

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