You've Got to Try Suzie's Flatbreads

Suzie's Flatbread Crackers

No one is paying me to say that. Sure wish they would. I love these crackers. They are fabulous with hommus, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I've also used them with a Caprese salad. The easiest way to describe these? An everything bagel, only thinner. It has sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and caraway seeds. So very good.

I've only seen them at Costco, and only once every 6 months or so at that. When I do see them, I stock up. So now that you have a picture in your mind, run out and stock up, too!

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I spoke to the manager of

I spoke to the manager of Costco and was told that Costco will no longer sell Suzie's flatbread. I am really bumped out. I bought a box in June and loved them. When I went back I found out they were no longer going to have them. Do you know of any place else besides Amazon that sells them. The quantity is too large - I only want to buy 1 or 2 boxes at a time.

my health food store carries

my health food store carries them, so maybe yo can check yours.
I like the texture , and that they are crispy, and spelt is better than wheat... but ..they have dehydrated onion. too onion of a smell and taste for my liking.