New Foods at Dandelion CommuniTea Cafe

Avocado Fetish Salad-Dandelion Cafe

Summer of Love Rolls-Dandelion Cafe

Last night before the Full Plate Diet lecture, we went to Dandelion CommuniTea Cafe. After we talked it up so much, Garrett had our favorite, The Giddyup. Graycen had the enourmous hommus, cucunber, tomato sandwich. It's definitely big enough to feed an adult, too.

Paul had the special, an Avocado Fetish salad with the highlights being avocado and feta cheese. It must have been good because Paul woofed it down very quickly. I ordered the Summer of Love rolls, a rice wrap enclosing red cabbage, carrots, sesame seeds, and some fabulous herbs. I was sure I tasted cilantro and green onions. There was possibly a hint of mint in them, too. The dip served alongside was a coconut and peanut sauce. The first time I ate the dressing, it was on a salad and I didn't like it. This time the dressing seemed quite perfect. My mom and Joy ordered the black bean quesadilla served on a whole wheat wrap. It was nice and spice, but also slightly greasy. My dad enjoyed his "Fakin' Lettuce and Tomato" sandwich, which replaced the bacon with tempeh. Dad was the only one who was being a creature of habit. Mom's and my dishes were actually appetizers, but were so large, they easily made a full meal for us.

You just can't ever seem to go wrong dining at Dandelion, but the Giddyup will always be my favorite.

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