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Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Muffin

Just before we left town last week, I desperately needed to do something with my cheap sweet potatoes that were sprouting. I waffled between making muffins based on The Frugal Girl's adaptation of the pumpkin muffins Money Saving Mom makes or just chopping and freezing them. I decided since I had the ingredients to make the muffins and expected Paul to bring his boss home for lunch, I'd better have some form of a dessert on hand.

My child-friendly tester was an almost-5-year-old of the friends staying with us. Together we dirtied our hands greasing the muffin tins. The concept of blending was supper easy for her. After I had cooked down the sweet potatoes, I added the pre-mashed orange potatoes to the mini food processor in batches and let her puree to her heart's content. Normally I like to show how fast you can prep foods in the kitchen, but in this case I can definitely show how to make the process very slow. A mini food processor really extended the prep time, but we were both quite happy, and that's what counts. No one said learning was fast.

We served the muffin to Joy (Mom) for brunch, and she was stunned. The muffin still somehow tasted like pumpkin. Joy was quite surprised I had used what many nutritionists call a "super food" instead. I'm glad we have one more way of adding sweet potatoes to our diet. And with 1 potato making about 8 oz. pureed, it's also a really cheap base for muffins. Back when I got sweet potatoes on a whopping sale, two potatoes cost $0.22. That's a lot cheaper than a canned or fresh pumpkin. Not to mention, seems it makes the recipe just as fitting in the spring (when the potatoes were again ridiculously cheap) as it is in the fall.

I was short one egg and researched what I could substitute to survive. The option I chose was to mix water, oil, and baking soda. I did so in my tumbler measuring cup, stirred it with a fork, and let my protege hear the results. "Hear that sizzling? That's called a chemical reaction." Yep, there's a lot of learning to do in the kitchen. More than I knew.

So what happened with the boss and lunch? Well, we made 24 muffins, and I had some remaining batter. I filled a small squared cake pan with the batter, baked it the full 20 minutes (muffins take 15), and cut it into squares, serving it with warm candied walnuts. I think it was a great success.

Thank you, Gray, for cooking with me. I had so much fun!

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