Not-so-Spring Veggie Saute

Veggie Saute and Wild Rice

We were nearing the end of our supplied pantry week, and I was getting a little lazy to head to the grocery store. Here I pause to go off on a tangent. How many of you who have become stay-at-home-moms or who only work part time have no desire to get out of the house? It seems I'm at a point in my life as a new mom that I'd give anything to have my groceries delivered just because I have no interest in leaving the house. I'm not completely worn out these days because Nora is sleeping through the night. But I get absolutely worn out by the time I'm done hitting the stores, which is why I wait until I have to make a number of stops before I venture out of the house. . .which is why I'm worn out at the end of the shopping day. Do you see the same cycle I do? Mind you, I totally enjoy those occasional trips to the gym and the play dates with other moms. I just have no desire to do chores outside the home. I am in a position where I appreciate such choices. After all, the less I'm out, the less I spend. So there's a positive side, but it all leads back to why I was relying on frozen vegetables to make dinner one day. That's all that was left!

I'm so beyond sorry it took me so long to find the Spring Vegetable Saute in my Moosewood Simple Suppers cookbook. The gravy and ease of preparation will make this as much of a stand-by in my house as cereal and burritos, especially when I try to have a nice variety of frozen vegetables stocked if nothing else. We happened to have leftover wild rice from dinner with my folks, and it went well with the veggies. The great accent was the "line of separation" in the center of the plate: Marcona Almonds with Rosemary from Trader Joe's. They are amazing by themselves and matched perfectly with the dinner.

So, this was not-so-spring because we were lacking the artichoke and asparagus in the recipe. I did use some frozen edamame that is optional in the saute recipe and added anything else I thought might look good--carrots, onions, broccoli, perhaps some celery. It honestly reminds me of a stir-fry, but has the flavor of a gravy instead of an Asian sauce. I do love Chinese food, which is probably why I love this twist on a variety of veggies.

A little while ago, Savory Choice sent some vegetable broth concentrate for me to review. I was very pleased with how well the flavor of the broth worked in the recipe. I've made the saute with another broth before, and though I think the gravy is great either way, I prefer it with this particular broth.

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