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Spicy Thai Stir Fry with Tofu-Watercourse Foods

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To make a really long story short, we misread our ticket and arrived only 40 minutes before our plane departed for Denver. Naturally, our bags didn't make it and we had to wait for the next plane from Orlando to deliver our clothes for the week and. . .more diapers. Paul did some research and found a vegetarian restaurant in downtown Denver where we could spend our time. Although the GPS took us an odd way through a not-so-nice area of town, we eventually got to Uptown and had no trouble parking near this amazing restaurant.

WaterCourse Foods is designed much like Dandelion CommuniTea Cafe with its re-purposed surroundings and more hippie wait staff who worked very hard to clean up tables quickly. We liked our waiter, Eric, who was very nice and knowledgeable--except for the fact that he told Paul the chili sauce was not hot.

The following are notes I made in the restaurant. Amazingly it was hard to decide on a dish to order. Breakfast is served until 5 pm. Banana Bread French Toast? So tempting. The Firenze Scramble had tomatoes, zucchini, and two kinds of cheese. Could I make that myself at home? The Blackened Tofu Caesar Wrap really caught my attention. There was even a huge variety of toppings to create your own salad. Vegan, peanut-containing, and gluten-free dishes were noted on the menu. The outdoor dining area was very inviting this time of year. And I think it's a sign of the large amount of food per serving that there were lots of to-go boxes. The place was child friendly in the sense that they had a changing station in the bathroom. (Hey, I'm learning lots of places don't!)

So, Paul chose the Breakfast Burrito with pinto beans, eggs, cheese, and home fries inside. He chose the chili topping, which had our mouths on fire, but it was so good. However, it was so large that we could not finish it. I ordered the Thai Stir Fry, which was highlighted on the blackboard at the entrance. My mouth was also on fire by the end, but it was so worth it. The vegetables, especially the broccoli, were very well cooked. And at least the rice tamed down the sauce a tad. I was sold and ready to eat there every day of our trip. Obviously, we couldn't spend every day there. But we did get to eat there again, the second time with friends. Stay tuned for that story.

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