Tomorrow's Lunch-Veggies and Dip

Tomorrow's Lunch

Not too long ago a wise reader told me that I should post more, even showing what we eat for lunch. Well, here it is. This is what I just packed for Paul's lunch tomorrow. Clockwise from left we have: two fresh apricots, sweet potato chocolate chip muffin, Suzie's crackers, cucumber sticks under carrot sticks, hommus, celery sticks with peanut butter, and sweet peppers. I asked Paul if that would be enough for him. He said it would be a good appetizer. Lucky for him, I know he has a nice stash of honey roasted peanuts and dried pear slices that I delivered to his desk just today. He won't go hungry before dinner time.

My lunch is very similar, just in slightly smaller versions. I have the crackers, carrot and cucumber to dip in my hommus. But I also have a gorgeous fresh fruit salad. Paul will eat his for breakfast, I've carefully packed mine for my lunch as I get a longer lunch break at the office than I do breakfast time with my daughter. I love that we can go to work and look forward to fresh, chilled, colorful lunch plates.

You may be asking why we "brown bag" our lunch. We pack lunches to take to work for a number of reasons. In my office, I get very little time to eat lunch. This means I don't have time to go out and get something. Occasionally, someone offers to pick something up for me. Unfortunately, it's often from a cheaper fast food restaurant that I know won't provide the same quality of nutrition. Paul has a great, healthy cafeteria at the hospital. However because we're on a tighter budget now, I've asked him to not eat out as much (even though he does receive an employee discount). Lastly, I noticed the cukes just weren't lasting very long. The reason that we're taking the lunch we are tomorrow is to limit our wasted food. All of these reasons combined, make it worth my time to spend 5-10 minutes a day putting together a lunch for us to pack in attractive coolers and carry to our respective jobs.

Do you brown bag your lunch? What do you take and why?

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