Homemade Trail Mix


We're excited to be planning a shopping trip to Trader Joe's very soon. This weekend Paul and I decided to clean out our TJ's shelf in the pantry. Naturally, we're not completely done yet, but it's great to have a bare shelf to refill. One of the recipes we put together for using up our collection was a trail mix, which I was quite proud of.

Behold, upon close inspection (Sorry, I took the picture.) you will find: golden raisins (Remember, I'm a raisin snob. Only the big, juicy golden ones.), chocolate chips (Semi-sweet, not our favorite-dark-because we're out of dark.), walnuts (Just used what was in the bag, but there's more in the freezer for adding to salads and banana bread.), Tamari Almonds (A little salt to match the sugars.), dried dark cherries (An idea from TJ's Temptation Trail Mix.)

I split the trail mix (although not so evenly) into two glass bowls with lids, and Paul and I hauled them off to our respective offices. What a great, healthy, satisfying snack! (OK, maybe the chocolate isn't healthy, but it does fall under the category of satisfying.)

What do you put in your trail mix. . .or is there a store-bought one that fits your requirements? Please share in the comment section below.

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