A New Tradition of Mashed Potatoes

Two mashed potatoes with garlic and rosemary

A few years ago, I learned from The Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet that it is possible to mix and mash white and sweet potatoes. No, the nutritionist in me had never thought of it before. Keep in mind that I had only ever had sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar and didn't realize there was more to their value. I've since learned to love sweet potatoes.

I boil both colors of potatoes in the same pot. The sweet potatoes float to the surface. After they are drained, they mash together easily, but yield an untraditional orange-tinted mashed potato. The garlic and rosemary recipe I love works well with the sweet potatoes, too. And the gravy still tastes great on the two-mashed potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are very healthy. Substituting just 1/3 of the white potatoes with sweet potatoes in the mash makes your meal healthier. The holidays are a good time to focus on keeping your family healthy and to set a good example for those you dine with .

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