Oatmeal-Like Father, Like Daughter

Oatmeal-Like Father, Like Daughter

Paul and I did this last Sunday morning. This week, Paul did it all on his own.

At nearly 11 months, Nora seems to be weaning herself off of the bottle. She really likes to see table food and wants to eat it even if we don't let her.

Paul loves cooked oatmeal in the winter. He usually cooks up a big batch Sunday morning and eats on it the rest of the week. This year, Paul is willing to share. He doesn't get to add salt if he shares with Nora. It tastes great with just cinnamon, raisins, dates, and dried apricots.

Nora's portion is blended up in the food processor and divided between two ice cube trays. The oatmeal is frozen, then the servings are popped out into a container for storage. I can reheat each cube in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Sometimes I add a little cold water because the oats get sticky.

Our goal has always been to serve Nora the same things we eat. We didn't want her getting into the habit of expecting her own separate meal. Turns out, she loves eating Sunday morning breakfast with Daddy. And I love that special bond they are creating.