Roasted French Onion Soup

Roasted French Onion Soup and Spinach Salad

I have been looking for this recipe all my life! It was exactly what I imagined. French onion soup is very elegant. This version is so easy. I'll be finding excuses to make it. I'm sure I've passed it numerous times while shuffling through my Moosewood Soups and Stews Deck. I don't know why it didn't register until last week. But I'm so thrilled that it did.

To be honest, Paul's response was "It's really good for a soup with little substance." OK, that's true. But again, it's supposed to be elegant. To make it more substantial, serve it with a solid bread and some very mild cheese. I used Jarlsburg. But I have to say, when I ate the leftovers, I didn't even bother adding the cheese to the top.

As I said, so simple. Roast the onions in oil. Then let them simmer in a broth. You can use a homemade broth, but if you're short on time consider Savory Creations boxed concentrates. The vegetable broth had the right flavor and the right color. Salt, Pepper, and a dash of Italian seasoning finish it off.

FYI, I learned about Savory Creations when they sent me a sample box. It wasn't hard to convince me to use them because I had tried many other boxed broths and was uncomfortable with the added sugars, the heavy salt, and their short life. This concentrate fixed everything. I now have them on hand all the time.

Stay tuned for the salad recipe.

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