Cost and Time it takes to make a Salad

Salad for Dinner

It's rare that I serve just a salad for dinner. But one day a few weeks back, we had a big salad for our Sunday lunch. It had been so long that I actually announced that I loved it. Mind you, I make lots of side salads. But just a giant salad with every topping you can think of is a nice change.

When we were spending New Year's in Mississippi with Paul's family, I realized just how fast you can put together a salad for the whole family. Especially when you use Romaine Lettuce, it's so easy to just chop off the bottom core and shred the lettuce with a knife by cutting all the way up the entire head. After cutting up a carrot and some sweet peppers, I had a fabulous salad to accompany dinner in about 10 minutes. So, my question was "If salads are so fast to make, why don't they ever make it in those 30-minute-or-less cookbooks? After all, everybody knows they are good for you. Maybe it's the price. So, I made plans to try it out. I didn't have peppers, but I tried to throw everything I could think of on our salad plates. Now, it's time for me to calculate just how much a giant dinner salad for two cost us. (I hope it's a great price because we just ate it two nights in a row.)

Cost to Make a Salad

  • $1.00 Lettuce (Freshfields Farm)
  • $0.45 Avocado (Eat More Produce)
  • $0.55 Tomatoes (Costco)
  • $0.30 Cheese (Costco)
  • $0.25 Eggs (Publix)
  • $0.20 Sunflower Seeds (Trader Joe's)
  • $0.35 Red Cabbage (Eat More Produce)
  • $0.10 Dressing (Homemade)
  • $3.20 Total That's $1.60 each! Wow! I expected a great price, but not that great!

So, why don't we make more salads at home? If you have an idea, please let me know. Meanwhile, take a look at a list below of additional toppings to make a fabulous salad at home. But don't be limited! What a great, cheap way to be creative and eat well! Salads don't always have to be so boring. Plus they can be a healthy and cheap meal for budget and your waistline.

Additional Salad Add-in Suggestions

  • Olives
  • Peppers
  • Citrus (Sweet Orange, Tart Grapefruits)
  • Walnuts or Almonds
  • Raisins or Apples
  • Shredded sweet potato or carrots
  • Herbs-Italian, cilantro, celery seed
  • You fill in here!

Eating Vegetarian: