A New Way to Guac

Guac on Toast and Cabbage

I was reacquainted with a recipe for a different kind of guacamole in my efforts to better categorize my recipe selections and magazines. Ironically, about that time I also walked into a room at church one evening to find everyone had eaten the pizza in a box and completely left the little container of basil behind. Not one to pass up any basil, especially when all mine died at the beginning of winter this year, I brought the container home with me and after much debate as what to do with the precious leaves, I settled on this recipe from an old Gourmet magazine.

We had one of those rare evenings when we were completely out of chips. Being a huge fan of chips and salsa, I can say it's tough on me when we're out of either one. But I am learning to survive. In this case, I chose a yummy rye and flax seed homemade bread to serve the avocado on. Even though it's a bit past their season, we're still paying out for any avocado that looks remotely good. While Nora is a great eater, she does look tiny. So, we occasionally feed her avocados to make sure she's getting good fats to give her weight. . .especially right before a doctor's appointment. And we don't complain about the extra snack item being around either.

The recipe is really quite simple, especially if you are used to making your own guac. There's no lime, just lemon. Sub out the cilantro for the basil. Add scallions instead of onion. Don't forget the touch of sea salt.

While I'm pretty attached to the tomatoes and lime in a Mexican guacamole, I can definitely see where this one has value. What do you think? Will you try it?