Menu Plan Monday-Happy Valentine's

Nora Swings in Central Park

Happy Valentine's Day! And tomorrow, Happy Birthday to Me! The problem: I'm just a little busy to get it together enough to make a nice meal for either special occasion. Celebrations will just have to wait until after papers are graded. Lucky for me, I have a very patient husband.

That being said, don't expect much creativity this week. Not only are we crazy busy, but I left my wallet at home on Monday when I went grocery shopping. Can you imagine the embarrassment at the checkout? And no, I can't hide money in my car because my folks had my car with the car seat, and I had my dad's car. So there was no hope. I'll try to get out another day this week, but if not, I'll make a plan to eat what we've got.


Crackers, Hummus, Carrots, Celery and Peanut butter; leftovers (things I froze before I left down); I get a free lunch at the office today, and Paul gets to eat with friends.


The folks have offered to take me out for my birthday. We'll see if our schedules can mesh. I'll make bean soup, have nachos with corn, tomatoes, etc.; eat frozen Asian vegetables over quinoa, and finally have baked beans and veggie burgers (which I've had on the menu for two weeks, but haven't eaten.)

I hope you have a very special week with those you love.