Warm Apricot Parfait

Warm Apricot Parfait

Plain organic yogurt. (Stonyfield is our favorite.) Homemade baked apricots with cinnamon. Warm oatmeal. What adult wouldn't eat this, let alone a baby? And that's the point. I want Nora to cultivate the same tastes now that she might eat when she gets older. I love the idea that you can add seasonings to your child's food. That's where the cinnamon comes in. It adds great spice without extra sugar. It's good for digestion. And as I add seasonings, she learns flavor doesn't have to come from just salt. And while salt is good and helpful, it can sometimes be overdone when something better can be used.

I'd much prefer not going through the trouble of baking my own apricots, but sadly, these weren't much good fresh. So I cut them and baked them in a pan. When cool, I blended them in the food processor to a desired consistency and sprinkled cinnamon on top. Some adults ate some on their oatmeal or bread, but Nora got a lot of it, too.

Next time you want a mommy-daughter or even a daddy-daughter day, consider starting with a fantastic Parfait for breakfast.

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