Bread & Olive

We were freshly landed in New York, and it didn't take long for us to be getting really hungry. Paul's dad took us to a fabulous restaurant he had just discovered a few days before. Bread & Olive. I don't know how both of my in-laws have this sense in quality restaurants, but this one was completely fabulous.

Take a look at the pictures above. Closely. That's a lot of falafel to be cooking up in a giant vat all day long. And that falafel in the wrap looks positively amazing. Note the double wrap. That's how big the sandwich was. Two large, thin pitas were wrapped in opposite directions to contain the ingredients. And what amazing ingredients they were! This sandwich was so filling! I could barely finish my own. I especially loved the hot sauce and tahini sauce served on the side. They did a great job accenting the flavor. And that hot sauce was actually hot. So yummy! We ordered 4 sandwiches, all alike--falfael with hommus and tabouleh--and a falafel on the side for Nora. I was stunned that they didn't charge for Nora's falafel. It certainly wasn't necessary. Sadly, the falafel was a bit spicy with a strong cilantro flavor. It didn't get very far with Nora, but she ate well on her Nonno and Nonna's pita wraps.

There was a lovely little area with a couple chairs behind the restaurant. Although, a public restroom might be said to be sacrificed for the sitting areas. The employees clearly are hard workers, yet they remained calm throughout the busy long lines and were really nice and helpful. Paul noted that Four Square, a cell phone application, says that not all items are on the menu. When you go, you should ask what's in the case. However, it's considered an excellent value for a great meal. I'm rather inclined to agree.

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