Happy Memorial Day-Menu Plan Monday

Trailer behind Tandem at Park

Ah! It's summer! OK, it's felt like summer long before this in Florida. But we've had a fabulous weekend so far, including but not limited to: swimming in the pool while clouds created shade, watching Nora eat corn-on-the-cob successfully, spending a few extra moments together while we aren't focused on work (Well, I did get up and grade this morning. Didn't want to have to do it all tomorrow.), and enjoying a couple of shorter bike rides on our new-er tandem bike. We're quite the parade with the trailer hitched on the back.

None of this seems to scream "Happy Memorial Day!" But we spent the weekend sitting with my grandmother while my folks were away. And that time with her reminds me of those men who fought, including my grandfathers, for our country. And I know some names of men who did not return. I'm remembering stories and feeling so thankful.

And still in celebration of stars and strips and summer food, we have what I think is a fabulous menu for the week. Plus we have guests coming in, which means we'll have friends with whom to celebrate.


  • Leftovers-which means a little extra cooking
  • Apple slices and carrot sticks
  • Whole wheat crackers
  • Corn! Corn! Corn!


  • Salad, Beans and cornmeal pancakes (Actually got the beans cooked today. We'll actually do this recipe this week!)
  • Cereal, PBJ or Out on Wednesday as we'll be late-r getting home.
  • Potato and Beans Salad from Moosewood Simple Suppers, corn-on-the-cob
  • Corn, pepper, and tomato salad, veggie turkey fajitas
  • Collard greens-my new veggie for the month. Only I haven't researched enough yet how best to cook it.

We've also got some lovely fruit. Nora's still putting away about a cantaloupe a day and rarely shares her blueberries. I also plan on eating cream of wheat for breakfasts this week as we seem to have a good deal of it. And the stickiness will be easy for Nora to eat with silverware. (Yeah, she's one of those kids who really wants to eat with a fork.)

What plans do you have for your first-week-of-June dining?

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I love your bike! We got our

I love your bike! We got our garden planted last week, and hope everything survives. We have run the gamut of weather extremes lately in NW Ohio, cold weather, downpours, tornadoes, and now it's hot (very hot!). We'll be checking our local farmer's market soon to see what they may have available, but it will be limited for a few more weeks I think. The kids will be out of school starting Thursday, and our oldest is 15 so they will be staying home together. It will be a challenge to keep the cupboards and fridge stocked! ha ha